Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme
The central theme of the 3rd SYMPOSIUM ON HORTICULTURE IN EUROPE will focus on:

“Growing Health and Life”
The thematic concepts and topics will comprise the following areas:

1. Human Health, Nutritional Value and Horticulture
Fruit and vegetable crops for healthy life hood
Mediterranean diet and horticulture
Conventional and organic production systems for nutritional value
2. Tools, Technologies, Innovations and Applications
Automations, bioinformatics in horticulture
Interdisciplinary concepts and novelty in horticulture
3. Quality, Authentication, Traceability & Supply Chains
Fruit and vegetable production and physiology for quality
Consumers-oriented sustainable, quality of hort products
Green supply chain management
4. Genetic Resources, Systems Approaches & Biodiversity
Phenotype & Phenomics in horticulture
Breading, genetics and new varieties
Systems biology and omics in horticulture
5. Ornamentals, Landscape And Urban Environment
6. Horizon 2020 and Horticulture Sciences: Challenges and Prospects