Are you planning to replace the old vinyl or wood windows in your house? With a lot of window add-ons, configurations, and types available nowadays, choosing what style and features are ideal for you can be an overwhelming job.  

To help you, here are several common types of replacement windows for your project: 

Awning and Casement 

Awning and casement windows are basically the same window installed either horizontally to open from the bottom or vertically to swing from the sides.  

Compared to hung window types, awnings and casements open by turning a hand crank. These types are typically found in houses with windy or rainy climates. This enables extra security and flexibility when it comes to allowing in some fresh air.  

When thinking about awnings and casements, one thing to remember is access. Perhaps you will not be able to install the AC in any form of the crank-out window if you utilize a window unit to cool your house during the hot months.  


Rather than opening vertically like single-hung and double-hung styles, sliding windows open horizontally by moving from one side to another. These windows are well-known in parts of the house where you may not have space or leverage needed to open a hung window easily. This includes over a dryer or washer or behind a kitchen sink.  

Aside from being simple to utilize, sliding windows can frame great views of your exterior as well. typically, sliders are wider. They provide you an unhindered view and making space for enough airflow during the summer season. 


This form of window is the most common type available. Their traditional appearance can be found in a range of home designs around the country. Double-hung windows are easy to utilize. They’re known for their sashes that are extremely simple to clean. They also provide enough airflow. This is particularly true if you raise both the top and bottom sash.  

You may want to opt for this form 

 of window for your replacement project if you’ve got small kids at home. It is simple to bring in fresh air while keeping the more easily accessible lower sash locked.  


This form of window can be found in any house in the United States. They are a bit the same as double-hung windows. They are particularly common in coastal places or parts of the country with high wind.  

Compared to double-hung windows, the unique aspect of this type of window is its fixed top sash. Because of this, you can only use the bottom part of the window. This is particularly helpful in weather-affected places since the locked upper sash is considered to be less prone to leakage or air infiltration. 

Though single-hung windows can be harder to clean compared to double-hung types, they are the most affordable option.  

If you are planning to replace your windows, but you aren’t quite sure what type you like or what features are ideal for your house, you should call a professional window replacement company. They’ll evaluate your home and provide you the right type for your needs.