What are the Bathroom Trends this Year?

2020 is already here. If you haven’t thought about the home trends this year, now is the time. The bathroom is one popular room in the house where trends can be seen a lot. Before, bathrooms were considered as just functional rooms. However, today, bathrooms have evolved to become a spa-like sanctuary. Every year, a new color is picked to take center stage. A lot of homeowners focus their Kitchen Bath Remodel NJ on this new color.  

So, are you planning on improving your bathroom this year? Do you want to know that the latest trends in 2020 that you can use? Here is a couple of them: 


Minimalist lighting is one of the trends for bathrooms this year. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean a dimmer room. However, it does mean that you shouldn’t make the lighting the focal point of your room. This can be viewed with lighting on the sidewalls, unlike having a huge fixture in the middle of your bathroom. The focal point of the room will be focused on other aspects with lighting working in the background. Another method to enable lighting is to install a track lighting or lighted mirror. 

Black is Back 

In 2020 bathrooms, black is taking center stage once again. This can be viewed with either a dramatic black accessory, black tubs, black showers, or black wall to finish off the room. To make sure that the bathroom is still operational, the right lighting is required, whether it is artificial or natural lighting. You can concentrate on mirrors, lighting, or other minor accessories to get you started if you want to follow this trend but you don’t want to have an all-black bathroom. 

Hidden Drains 

Having hidden drains is another trend for showers. These forms of linear drains enable water to be accumulated into a channel beneath the floor of the shower. It will then continue to the standard piping. From the name itself, the linear form drain is a line-shaped opening for the water to go down through. The remodeler will have to tilt your flooring first in a way to make the water flow towards the hidden drain. 

Open Showers 

This 2020, the open design shower is a trend for showers. These forms of showers still can enable privacy by having a wall that separates the actual shower from the rest of your bathroom. However, there will be no doors that enclose your shower. There will also be a space over the wall. This will enable airflow. If you don’t want to have space over the wall, you can have it on the side. In addition to that, you can have sidewalls without a door on the front. This form of design will require proper drainage to make sure that your bathroom is dry every time someone uses it.  

With these simple remodeling projects, you can make a huge design statement with your bathroom while still making it a functional space.  Make sure you hire a professional bathroom remodeling company for your project.